Jonathan Franklin
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Red Road Green
Jonathan Franklin

I lived in Brazil for ten years and part owned and managed a ranch in the Amazon.

My novel 'Red Road Green' is a love story set amid the greens of the forest and the flames of its destruction.

AMAZON 1965. The government offers land and money to those brave enough to travel 2000 kilometres north to make a new life in the jungle.

A brave young woman, Idenea, and her family are given a 50 hectare plot and begin clearing 40 metre high trees. Malaria is rampant; Indians watch; life is hard. When her baby is stolen, she is forced to flee to search for her child.

Nearby is an unlikely ally. Bobby, an ex British soldier has turned to ranching to hide from the demons of his past. Meeting in the Perfect Peace Motel they fall in love. He tries to protect her from slavery and his troubled history.

Full of reckless youth they build a life together. But at what a cost. When political violence strikes, will their love survive?